Buying a new sofa is no small task. You’re about to purchase a piece that will feature in your home for many years and it’s important to make sure you make the right choice. At Torrance & McKenna we’ll help you every step of the way to make sure you select the sofa that’s right for you. A good start is to consider the following questions before you begin your search.

Choosing the right size and style furniture.

Measure carefully your living space and draw a plan. Map out the furniture dimensions for the sofa you have in mind, and leave enough space to use it comfortably.

What about comfort?

The inner structure of a sofa has a lot to do with how comfortable and durable your sofa will be. Choose from either sprung or web bases, and the type of cushioning you require.

Can my new sofa be reupholstered in the future?

When you like something, you should stick with it, and that is often how people feel about our sofas. A Torrance & McKenna sofa is built to give lasting comfort, so it’s reassuring to know it can be reupholstered during a redecoration project, or simply to give it a new lease of life in the future.

Locally made or imported?

Unlike imported furniture, where the drive is for quantity, Torrance & McKenna is driven by quality. Our furniture is made by experienced craftspeople, where each piece is individually cut, sewn and upholstered, using only the best materials.

We hope these questions have helped you on your journey to buy a new sofa, if you’d like any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  With inspired collections incorporating contemporary, classic, leather and occasional furniture, we’re a favourite with interior designers and discerning clientele. Experience our designs in our well presented showroom in Osborne Park, Perth or call us on 08 9443 9500.