The choice between handmade or mass produced furniture is a big one for the discerning consumer in today’s market.

With artisan workshops making somewhat of a comeback over the last few years, the question worth asking is exactly what is the differences between handmade and mass produced designs? Let’s start with definitions of each and then look at what you can expect from each process.

A mass produced or machine made product that is basically made from start to finish by a machine or mechanical device. The major benefit is that the product can be made quickly compared to its handmade version. Every product will be very close to being identical. Cheaper prices coupled with high demand have increased mass production from countries such as China and India to cater for the ever expanding home renovation and design market.

A unique art in modern times, the handcrafted method is a lot more labour intensive and generally associated with high-end products. Countries known for their handmade products include Italy, England, France and Germany, though artisan workshops in Australia continue to gain great recognition on the global stage. Basically, someone is creating and assembling a product by hand. There is a huge focus on care and delivering the best product – the perfect design, the right stitch, the right colour, the best material and so on.