Torrance & McKenna have recognised the challenge clients sometimes face when selecting a sofa for their home.

To meet this challenge with an innovative offering, we now offer design advice and inspiration from leading interior designers, HC Interiors, in the comfort a client’s home. The service is offered within in Perth Western Australia Metro and surrounding areas.

HC Interiors are of the highest calibre and visit our clients to discuss sofa selection and customisation.

“Usually a client will want advice on fabric or leather selection as a base point, but may need to discuss the lifestyle considerations of their family. Then there are occasions where sizing can be a challenge, so we work to customise the sizing of the furniture to best suit the room or the height of the family members” says Yogesh Shah, Torrance & McKenna Owner.

“Finally HC Interiors can suggest the best use of finishing options as well as the wider considerations of the room. Their tips on how to complement the sofa with soft furnishings, new wall hangings and recommended interior considerations that will ‘pull together’ a cohesive look for the room have been well received by Torrance & McKenna clientele” he says.

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