Once you’ve decided to begin shopping for a new sofa you’ll quickly realise there are many options from many different retailers.

Here at Torrance & McKenna we’ve put together a list of questions that you should consider before purchasing your piece from any retailer.

How do I know I am getting value for money? What materials are used in the framework?

Is it sprung or webbed?

What type of cushion filling am I getting?

Is the sales assistant able to explain the benefits of each?

What if I want something a bit different from what is displayed? Can it be modified?

What happens if my sofa is ever damaged or in need of repair? Where do I take it and how long will it take to get fixed?

In the event of a problem, who will I have to deal with to validate my guarantee?

Am I getting the right information as to the suitability of the fabric?

Am I being allowed to browse without being pushed into making a hasty decision?

If I look around the premises, do the staff look happy, cheerful and secure?
If they are, it will certainly reflect in the quality of your product and service.

Are there any selling gimmicks like ‘interest free terms, 70% off, offer valid for 4 days only’, etc?
Be wary – these costs are already built into the price. You are paying for them.

Can I get a catalogue and/or product information to take with me for further perusal?

Can I borrow fabric swatches to take away?

We hope these questions have helped you on your journey to buy a new sofa, if you’d like any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch. With inspired collections incorporating contemporary, classic, leather and occasional furniture, we’re a favourite with interior designers and discerning clientele. Experience our designs in our well presented showroom in Osborne Park, Perth or call us on 08 9443 9500.