We often get asked this question and which is the better option for your treasured piece so we thought we’d write our next blog post to address just that.

The major difference between recovering and reupholstering is that recovering only superficially covers the old fabric with new fabric, paying no attention to repairing and restoring the structure and cushion of the sofa or chair. The old fabric simply gets covered with new. At Torrance & McKenna we’ve always steered away from this technique as we feel it doesn’t give your treasured piece the time and treatment it deserves.

The Torrance & McKenna reupholstering process starts meeting with you in your home or our comfortable showroom to assess your piece and ascertain exactly how we can bring it back to the beautiful state that it was once in. We then work with you to decide which of our top quality fabrics or leather and comfort level best suit your needs. We’ll then order your fabric or leather from one of our world renowned partners. Once the fabric arrives, we’ll arrange a time to pick up your piece and return it to our workshop where we will begin our work. We’ll strip, re-spring and re-foam your furniture to restore it to its original status, giving it a new lease of life. Once it’s finished it can be picked up or delivered back to your home. Our aim at every step of this process is to ensure the best results for you and your furniture with the smallest amount of inconvenience.